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Not Forgotten is a 2009 action drama brickfilm by Daragh Twomey. It is about a gangster who tries to recall to police what led to him being injured and subsequently caught.[1] It was an entry to the 2009 Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest, and won third place. It is based on a project Twomey had attempted to create multiple times since 2007, originally under the title Unforgotten.[2][3]


In 1937 Chicago, gangster Sam Johnson is being question by two cops. They ask him how he ended up being caught after so many years of successful criminal activity, and he recalls his botched job at the central bank 5 days earlier. After raiding the safe, one of his own crew, Frank, turned on him and shot him. The cops want to know the whereabouts of Frank, and leave the room to discuss.

While alone, Sam has a flashback to what he heard while raiding the safe, which he realises was another one of his crew threatening Frank into shooting him. Sam gets up and knocks out a cop to acquire a gun. He escapes and runs to an apartment where he finds Frank. He demands the whereabouts of the other man, but this man arrives behind Sam with a gun. He explains that he wanted Sam dead as he was getting too much of the reward for their jobs, and Sam attacks him before he can fire. A fight breaks out and Sam manages to get the man at gunpoint, before shooting him.[1]