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Nostalgia: Childhood Memories (Italian: Nostalgia: Ricordi d'Infanzia) is a 2011 mystery brickfilm by Martin Palacios.[1][2] It follows a man who is reminded of a childhood game of hide-and-seek that ended in mystery.[3] It was created for the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2011, and placed eighth.[4] It was the final brickfilm released by Palacios.


A man leaves his house and walks down a road. When he passes the local park, he has a flashback to his childhood. He recalls being with two friends and deciding to play hide-and-seek. During the counting, one friend, Tim, exclaimed that they were never going to find him.

The man enters the park, and flashes back to when him and his two friends explored a shed. He enters the shed and looks around, finding a casket that he remembers finding miscellaneous items in. He opens the casket and is shocked to find a human skeleton inside. The man suddenly remembers when he and his other friend could not find Tim, and how he found Tim's hat outside the shed. The man begins to run out and through the park. He reaches the tree he was counting at all those years ago, touches it and shouts "Safe!".[3]


  • Gabriele Lauria as Main character
  • Pablo Palacios as Young main character
  • Martin Palacios as Tim


  • Martin Palacios - Director, Editor, Animator
  • Gabriele Lauria - Help with editing