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Norseland Saga: Episode Two is a 2007 comedy brickfilm by Brendan Henry and Cameron Chamberlain. It is about two vikings who spot something in the distance at night and try to figure out what it is.[1] It follows Norseland Saga: Episode One from earlier in the same year and is the last film in the series, despite plans for future installments.[2]


The two vikings are in their boat at night looking around. The beardless viking spots what he thinks is a boat, but the bearded viking contests that it could be anything as it just looks like two lights. The beardless viking decides to send them a message, while the bearded viking speculates that it could be an enemy boat setting a trap or the work of deadly magicians. The beardless viking, hoping for the two crews to have a party, ties a note to an arrow and fires it towards what he sees. The arrow hits a dragon in the head, which then breathes fire at the vikings' boat.

In the morning, the beardless viking observes that it in fact was not a boat. The bearded viking gets angry and begins hitting him.[1]