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No Title 17, subtitled A Brickfilm In Blue, Yellow And Red[1] (German: Ohne Titel 17 - Ein Brickfilm In Blau, Gelb Und Rot),[2] is a 2010 adventure brickfilm by "A.". It is not a stop-motion brickfilm, and is animated digitally using photographs (or possibly scans) of LEGO pieces as sprites.[3] It won third place in the Avant-Garde Contest on Bricks in Motion.[4] There was also a no title 5 released in 2009, and it is unknown if there are other unreleased No Title films or not.


A yellow 1x1 plate emerges from a blue 8x4 tower and begins on a journey. After some time, it grows into a 2x1 and continues. It finds a red object that upgrades it to a 2x2, and it then finds a blue shape pointing in four directions. It asks about where to find a blue 2x2, and the blue shape tells it that a blue 2x2 is east.

They yellow 2x2 finds the blue 2x2 being held captive by two red bricks. The yellow 2x2 fights off the red bricks, and the blue 2x2 is happy. The yellow brick fertilizes the blue brick, and the blue brick grows to be 8x4 in size. A yellow 1x1 emerges from it and begins on a journey.[3]