No News is Good News
Rupert and Ralph dressed up to audition
Rupert and Ralph dressed up to audition
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Day Clancy
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No News is Good News is a 2005 comedy brickfilm by Day Clancy.[1] It is the fifth film in the Ralph and Rupert series and was the last one to be released.[2] It follows Ralph and Rupert auditioning in an attempt to become newscasters. It was created for the first Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and placed second in both the Judges Choice and Entrants Choice results.[3]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Ralph and Rupert are watching the news but are shocked at how unprofessional the reporters are acting. The reporters suddenly announce their early retirement as their job has made them rich and they invite the general public to come audition to be their replacements. Having nothing better to do, Ralph and Rupert decide to go down to the studio to try out for the job.

At the studio, Rupert questions why Ralph has come dressed as Batman to which Ralph replies that Rupert told him to dress up. The duo are then called in for their audition and begin reading the news off of a teleprompter. Rupert reads the messages with ease but Ralph struggles and finds that the teleprompter is moving too fast. Rupert believes that Ralph's poor performance has cost them the job, but their crazy friend Gordon enters and tells them they have the job.

Upon questioning, Gordon reveals that he only knows this because he poisoned everyone else waiting to audition. However, the news director takes a liking to Gordon's personality and decides to make him the station's new anchorman. Rupert can't believe this at first, but as Ralph and Rupert watch the news at home later, they find that it was serious. Ralph tries to cheer up Rupert by suggesting other jobs he could take up and Rupert is intrigued at the idea of working in a weapons shop. The film ends on a "To be continued" screen, although a follow-up was never released.

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