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No Crawme's Sing Along THAC is a 2012 musical brickfilm by Sean Warton, with music and vocals by Andy Stein.[1][2] It is a parody of the cult brickfilm The Superhero, and follows a criminal called No Crawme (named in honor of the most popular line from The Superhero) as he makes an effort to get away with his latest crime.[3] Sean Carroll reprises his role as the sheriff from The Superhero. The film was an entry to the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest X, and placed ninth.[4] It received a sequel, No Crawme Steals Christmas, for the following THAC in 2013.


With a crowd gathered, a worker declares a new museum open. Just then, a criminal known as No Crawme exits the museum with a gem in hand. The worker accuses him of stealing the artifacts, but No Crawme claims that he only plans to wash the valuables in his sink, as they are dusty from sitting in the old museum halls.

The worker refutes that the museum has just been built, so No Crawme explains that the builders left dust everywhere and so he must take every artefact home to clean them. The worker apologizes for the accusation, and No Crawme laughs as he leaves with all the valuables in tow. The worker comes to the realization that he has been fooled.[3]


  • Andy Stein as No Crawme, Additional voices
  • Sean Carroll as The sheriff