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Ninja Thief is a 2002 brickfilm by Ben Brenninkmeyer.[1][2] It is about a ninja who has an encounter while attempting to rob a hut.[3] It was mentioned as being the film that inspired the idea of the Words of Wisdom Contest.[4]


At night, a ninja decides he will rob a small hut he saw that afternoon. He heads for the hut and jumps onto the roof. The ninja realizes there isn't anyone inside and jumps down to look inside, but finds that there is nothing to steal.

A nearby man greets the ninja. The ninja draws his weapon, but the man is not hostile and is grateful that the ninja has come to visit him. He feels that the ninja should not leave empty-handed so he takes off his shirt and gives it to the ninja as a gift. The ninja leaves, and later the man is watching the night sky and wishes he could have given the ninja the moon.[3]