Night of the Tater
Wienerstein examines his test subject
Wienerstein examines his test subject
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Released July 19, 2007
Running time
Language English
Created for IDEA Contest

Night of the Tater is a 2007 horror brickfilm by "Night Owl".[1] It is about a scientist whose experiment to end world hunger goes terribly wrong for him. It placed sixth in the Inventions, Discoveries and Extraordinary Achievements Contest.[2] It was also nominated for the Best Music award in the 2007 BAFA Awards.[3]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Hieronymus Wienerstein has dedicated himself to discovering how to end starvation around the world. Through his extensive studies, he devises a technique that will make a potato grow to an enormous size to generate more food. Over time, Weinerstein constructs a device to achieve this and is eventually ready to test it with a potato on a stormy night.

Upon being hit by lightning, the potato suddenly becomes gigantic and Wienerstein is overjoyed. He takes it with him to his bedroom and goes to sleep, looking forward to his announcement the next day. During the night, the potato begins coming to life, growing legs and a face. It walks over to Weinerstein and attacks him by eating him. Weinerstein's headless body is found on the floor the next morning.

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Awards[edit | edit source]

Year Competition Category Result
2007[4] Brick Award for Film Arts Best Music Nominated

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