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This film contains content that may be considered not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

Night Breaker is a 2003 thriller brickfilm by Patryk Wawer.[1] It is based on a 1998 live action film by Wawer titled Nachtbreker.[2] For many years, it was considered to be a missing brickfilm, until a copy was provided for the Brickfilm Archive by Loïc Desjardins in 2021.[3]




Prior to its release, Night Breaker became controversial in the brickfilming community, at a time when people disagreed over whether or not adult material should be acceptable to portray in brickfilms. In November 2002, Wawer posted a thread with a link to a write-up about the film on his website that included an image of a nude minifigure with modelling clay breasts, which offended some people and caused the thread to turn into a long argument.[4] Wawer posted results of a poll that revealed that a majority of members felt that such content should be allowed to be included in a brickfilm if the director wished, but he was still eventually driven to declare the film cancelled in December.[5] The cancellation did not last long, and the film was finished and released in January 2003.

By just the following year, A Trip to Alphen was released, featuring clay breasts and received with little to no controversy.