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Years active
2001 - 2008
Nationality Australia Flag Australian
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Nick Maniatis is an Australian brickfilmer. He is known for multiple contest-winning brickfilms from 2002 to 2007 including Good Company, Hit & Run, Jedi Chronicles: The First Duel, Dare to be Different and Interference, and for other films such as Doorway and Speed Demon!.[1]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2001 Attack of the Space Zombies Unfinished
2002 NK2020
2002 A (Very) Brief History of the Bushranger 'Ned Kelly' and the 'Kelly Gang' Historical Fiction Contest Best Film winner[2]
2002 Doorway
2002 The Juggler
2002 Jedi Chronicles: The First Duel BrickFest 2002 Star Wars Movie Trailer Competition Conference Organizer Award winner[3]
2002 Donnie the Mobster: Trouble at School!
2002 Evening Report The Freak parody
2002 Good Company Horror Animation Contest multi-category winner
2003 a short documentary about: RUSSELL BricksWest 2003 Animation Festival Comedy Competition entry
2003 Good Company: Redux
2003 Yet Another Chicken Dance![4] Informal Chicken Dance Contest entry
2003 A Forest - The Cure BrickFest 2003 Music Video Animation Competition entry
2003 At the Studio
2003 Dare to be Different Words of Wisdom Contest Runner-up Overall winner
2003 Behind the Scenes
2004 Hit & Run A Peculiar Event Contest second place winner
2004 RP2020 Rapunzel parody
2004 Speed Demon! High Adventure Theatre Contest entry
2004 Interference 10 Brick Contest first place winner
2005 Terri and Ross Hunt for Nanna
2006 Voodoo Pants!
2007 Easter at Dawn E.A.S.T.E.R. Festival first place winner
2008 Ross Noble - Tin Foil Hat

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