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Christian Denkhaus, Hendrik Denkhaus, Kilian Helmbrecht and Lukas Helmbrecht, collectively known as nichtgedreht or Nicht Gedreht, are a group of German brickfilmers. They are known for multiple Steinerei prize-winning films including Alles ist die Noppe, Weltraffer, Zombie Bank and Day of the Sun. They also hosted the Steinerei festival in 2014.


The first nichtgedreht film, 2004's Die Schatzkarte, was created only by Lukas and Kilian Helmbrecht, along with another person named Malte Blüggel.[1] This was followed by a couple of solo productions by Kilian Helmbrecht.[2] By the release of I Feel Good in 2005, The Helmbrecht brothers had been joined by twins[3] Christian and Hendrik Denkhaus,[4] and this line-up would produce the majority of future nichtgedreht films.


Full filmography
Year Title Notes
2004 Die Schatzkarte X
2005 nachts um eins X
2005 Pizza Service X
2005 I feel good X
2006 Rotkäppchen Steinerei 2006 entry
2007 Pizza Service 2 X
2007 Haschisch Kakalake Steinerei 2007 Audience Prize winner
2007 Stromausfall Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 3 entry[5]
2007 Unknown X Christmas Contest 2007 entry
2008 SteinereiBlog Folge 1: Titanic[6]
2008 SteinereiBlog Folge 2: King Kong
2008 SteinereiBlog Folge 3: Star Wars
2008 SteinereiBlog Folge 4: The Matrix
2008 SteinereiBlog Folge 5: Once Upon a Time in the West
2008 SteinereiBlog Folge 6: 23
2008 Weltraffer Steinerei 2008 Audience Prize and Brickfilmer Prize winner
Go Miniman Go! Video Contest second place winner
2008 Einstein Co-production with Cornelius Koch, Janosch Asen, Martin Bretzer and Tobias Becker
2008 Der Schneemann X Created for Der Steinerei Adventskalender 2008[7]
2008 Auf der Suche X [8] Christmas Contest 2008 entry[9]
2009 Yes, We Can! Co-production with "prisac"[10]
Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 6 entry
2009 Film Nr. 1 "prisac" style parody
2009 Film Nr. 2 Mirko Horstmann style parody
2009 Film Nr. 3 Steffen Troeger style parody
2009 Film Nr. 4 Oliver Berger style parody
2009 Film Nr. 5 Cornelius Koch style parody
2009 Film Nr. 6 In the style of Weltraffer
2009 Alles ist die Noppe Steinerei 2009 Brickfilmer Prize winner
2009 Der Sündenhamster und die fünf Kontinente Co-production with Cornelius Koch
Steinerei 2009 Jury third place choice
2009 Rückbank A4 Co-production with "prisac"
2010 ruhr tour 2010 Co-production with "prisac" and Max Zachner
Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7 film
2010 Who really needs...? Entry to a contest at the University of Duisburg-Essen
2010 Herr Schmitzke und das Glück Steinerei 2010 Audience second place choice
2010 Zombie Bank Co-Production with Steffen Troeger
Steinerei 2010 Brickfilmer Prize winner
2011 Der Cyber-Fuhrer Co-production with "prisac"
Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 8 entry
2011 Das Rauschen der Luft Co-Production with Cornelius Koch, Steffen Troeger and Joscha Denzel
Steinerei 2011 entry
2011 Ich fühle mich gut! Steinerei 2011 entry
2012 M.C. Escher's Waterfall Steinerei 2012 entry
2013 Day of the Sun Steinerei 2013 Jury Prize winner and Audience second place choice
2014 Das Lied vom Tod Trailer for Steinerei 2014
2015 Ikaros Steinerei 2015 entry[11]
2015 Paragraph Co-production with Steffen Troeger
Steinerei 2015 Jury third place choice and Audience second place choice
2015 16 Cities - 17 Brickfilmers - One LEGO Set Community project co-ordinated by Dirk Boettcher
2016 FÄT Co-production with Cornelius Koch
Steinerei 2016 entry
2016 10 Jahre Oli-AG Gemeinschaft Projekt 2016 Community project coordinated by Oliver Berger
2019 Larry Flosse – Ein Fisch klagt an X Steinerei 2019 entry
2021 Puffin Luvin' Der Tierische Animations-Wettbewerb Funniest Animal Animation third place winner