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Nicholas Koss, known as "Maladaptive Films", is an American brickfilmer. He is best known for Toy Warfare plus its sequel, Toy Warfare: Ambush, and is also known for Star Wars brickfilms.[1][2]


Year Title Notes
2008 My First LEGO Star Wars Stopmotion
2011 LEGO Geonosian Arena
2011 LEGO Clone Wars
2011 The Firefight
2012 LEGO Star Wars Podrace
2013 Clone Troopers and Mace Windu vs. Battledroids
2013 LEGO Knights Battle
2013 Battle for Muun City
2014 Spartan vs. Brute
2014 HALO Mega Bloks: Hangar Defense
2014 Toy Battle Arena
2015 Toy Warfare
2015 Raptor Attack
2015 Battle on Naboo
2016 Rebel Hunt
2016 Jabba's Palace
2020 LEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars Begin Part of The Skywalker Saga in LEGO community project coordinated by Brickfilm Day
2020 Biggest LEGO Star Wars Fan Originally intended for the Quarantine Daze community project coordinated by Zach Macias
2020 Toy Warfare: Ambush