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Neighbours is a 2018 psychological horror brickfilm made by Freddo Productions.


A man wakes up in his bed next to his wife and upon exiting the house discovers a large RV in their driveway. He kicks it and is glared at by their new neighbor, after which he drives away. The following day while he is playing guitar for his wife, the neighbor and his friend ride a motorcycle in their yard to the point where the guitar isn't heard over the sound. In a fit of anger, the man slams the guitar against the floor and breaks it; that night, he discovers a camera on the RV and smashes it to pieces with a shovel.

At dinner the next evening, the man and wife are distracted by loud music being played by the neighbor, his friend and his wife. At night, the man puts on a mask and arms himself with a shotgun before going over to the neighbor's house, where he kills his friend and wife before badly wounding him. As the neighbor and man stare at each other briefly, the man shoots the neighbor in the face with a shotgun, killing him. He then proceeds to crucify his corpse and use molotov cocktails to set fire to the neighbor's RV.


  1. Neighbours