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Negotiations is a 2006 drama brickfilm by Judah Frank and Joseph Frank about a power struggle and attempted negotiation between two leaders.[1] It was an entry into the second Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and placed first in Judges' Choice and second in Entrant's Choice, though it was announced as the first place winner of entrants choice following the disqualification of the highest-voted Melodramedy by Robinson Wood, who neglected to submit an entrants choice ballot.[2]


Beginning in 1141, battles have been raging across the land for a number of years. The powerful leader Comyn Elymus believes himself to be the true heir to the throne and, in an attempt to claim the crown, sends his forces to fight those of the current young king. Eventually, the two leaders see that the war is not solving anything and agree to attempt negotiations.

At Comyn's castle, The king and Comyn cannot come to an agreement. Although the current king is the previous king's only living relative, Comyn believes that the years he has spent building his power mean he should have the crown. The king tries to bring the subject back to making peace but Comyn reveals that he never intended to negotiate and plans to hold the king captive for ransom. Two of Comyn's troops enter and attempt to restrain the king but he manages to knock them out. Comyn then produces a sword and the king takes a sword from one of the troops, agreeing to fight so the war may end. The two leaders battle until the king backs Comyn into a corner and kills him, leading to peace in the land for many years.[3]


  • Judah Frank - Writer, Director, Producer, Sound
  • Joseph Frank - Writer, Director, Producer, Voice Actor, Composer
  • Jacob Frank - Additional Sound


A new version of Negotiations was released in October 2006; two months after THAC 2. This version was largely unchanged but featured a new score from Joseph Frank, additional sound effects and editing tweaks.[4]