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Negotiating Death is a 2008 comedy brickfilm by Daragh Twomey. It is about a man who is visited by the Grim Reaper, and tries to argue for his life to be spared.[1] It was an entry to the first Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest, and placed fifth.


Two housemates, Stan and Tom, receive a visitor at the door. Stan opens the door and is shocked to see the Grim Reaper. Tom thinks it is a prank as Death is invisible to him, but he is still scared enough to leave the room. Death explains that he must take one soul, and Stan's name is next on the list. He magically seals off the exits when Stan runs for them. Stan tries to argue to have his life spared if he can win a game of poker or a fiddle contest, but Death refuses these options.

Stan tries and fails to arrange some other duels, as Death walks closer. When Death eventually swings his scythe, Stan ducks and the scythe flies through one of the windows, killing a passerby. Death is satisfied that he has reaped somebody's soul, and disappears. Tom returns to the room and mockingly asks Stan if Death reaped his soul, to which Stan replies, "Not exactly".[1]