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Neema Fahimy is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for the dynamic duo series Jake and Adam.[2]


Year Title Notes
2009 Jake and Adam: Unwanted Assistance Episode one: when Jake,bored out of his mind, decides to take part in a foolish game with Adam, he gets caught in a bad leg injury. His dad then hires a butler to tend to his every need. (Video's Description).
2010 Jake and Adam: Movie
2010 101 Things a LEGO guy would do for a Chocolate Bar
2010 Medieval News! A very dated school project I made in Middle School. (Video's Description)
2010 Jake and Adam: Talent Show
2010 Superman Saves the Day sort of spugesdu's Second LEGO Stop-Motion Festival entry?
2010 Zombie Invasion Nothing will stop Joey from returning his Netflix. (Video's description).
2010 Jake and Adam: Danny's "Revenge" Danny tries to stand up to a bully. (Video's description).
2011 Jake And Adam: Cops and Robert After getting suspended, Jake and Adam must go to work with Robert, Adam's father. Meanwhile, Danny attempts to make a movie with Mark and Travis. (Video's description).
2011 "Hey, I'm Neema" PDS Intro Entry Entry for sxephil's intro thing :P (Video's description).
2011 YOU CALLIN' ME OLD? spugesdu's Fourth Great & Bountiful LEGO Stop Motion Contest 2011 entry
2012 Jake and Adam: Jake's Birthday Adam, Danny, Travis, Mark, and Henry forget Jake's upcoming birthday party. To make up for it they decided to put together a surprise party in as little time as possible. (Video's description).