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NeeBrell Productions is a duo of early American brickfilmers, consisting of Brad Abrell and Steve Needell. They created numerous brickfilms in the late 1970s, ranking among the earliest known brickfilms.[1] Most notably, their film Superman? is the earliest known brickfilm based on a superhero, and their film Star Wars is the earliest located brickfilm based on Star Wars and possibly the earliest known to have been made (there is known to have been a Star Wars brickfilm created by Stefanie Herzer in 1977 or 1978, but this has not been located). Both Star Wars and existing superheroes would eventually go on to become very popular for adaptation in brickfilming.[2]


All films from the late 70s are available within one YouTube upload. The Notes column lists the timestamp at which each film begins.

Year Title Notes
Late 70s Untitled 0:00
Late 70s Untitled 3:45
Late 70s Close Encounters of the Neebrell Kind 4:40
Late 70s Untitled 7:17
Late 70s The Construction Site 10:15
Late 70s Blimport '79 13:25
Late 70s One Day at a Drive-Inn 16:00
Late 70s Untitled 21:40
Late 70s Superman? 22:00
Late 70s Untitled 29:03
Late 70s Star Wars 31:19
Late 70s Battle of the Future 33:15
Late 70s One Day on a Battlefield 34:30
1980 Moonbase Delta Created by Steve Needell and Andreas Klein
1980 Superman? Created by Steve Needell and Andreas Klein
1980 Steve Needell's Favorite Jousts Created by Steve Needell and Andreas Klein