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Natural Enemy is a 2002 comedy brickfilm by Nate Burr.[1] It is a mockumentary that was created to vent frustrations about and make fun of forum spammers.[2] It also pokes fun at Burr himself, referencing his characteristically harsh response to low-quality posts.[3]

Natural Enemy stars Steve Earwigg, a parody of wildlife documentary host Steve Irwin. Steve Earwigg was included as the presenter of Burr's next brickfilm, Animation Class 2: Frame-rate, and also makes a cameo appearance in Hallowieners by Kate Fischer.


Presenter Steve Earwigg introduces his wildlife show. He showcases the "Bluntman" in his natural habitat. The Bluntman is quick to anger, and hurls a bush at Steve upon noticing him.

Steve turns his attention to a "spammer", Vince. As Vince spouts nonsense, Steve explains that spammers are stupid creatures that take forever to learn simple concepts, and are not native to the area and can harm the environment. Fortunately, their natural enemy is the Bluntman. Steve throws Vince over to the Bluntman, and the Bluntman annihilates Vince using multiple weapons.[2]