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The National Movie-Competition at Singapore Polytechnic was a brickfilming contest hosted officially by LEGO Singapore Pte. Ltd. in association with the Singapore Environment Council. It was a contest for brickfilms about the environment created by students in Singapore schools using LEGO Studios.


With the launch of the LEGO Studios Steven Speilberg MovieMaker Set in late 2000, The LEGO Group began hosting or sponsoring brickfilming contests in different parts of the world. The National Movie-Competition at Singapore Polytechnic was quite distinct from the main LEGO Studios Movie Making Contest, and did not feature at the Global Movie Making Award presentation of that contest.

The National Movie-Competition at Singapore Polytechnic began in mid-August 2001 and was hosted by LEGO Singapore Pte. Ltd. is association with the Singapore Environment Council, to support their Clean and Green Campaign. As such, entries to the contest were required to have an environmental theme. Entries were created in schools and were required to be created using LEGO Studios. The institution of higher learning Singapore Polytechnic provided training to primary and secondary school teachers with a one-day course on how to use LEGO Studios. The contest received 38 entries from 16 schools, with the involvement of 105 students.[1] The deadline of the contest is unknown, but the prizes appear to have been awarded in November 2001.

Judging and prizes[]


LEGO trophies awarded to the schools

The prizes of the contest were presented at an event at Singapore Polytechnic. The judging panel consisted of Singapore Environment Council projects executive Lim Soon Chung, LEGO Singapore Pte. Ltd. managing director Tan Lee Hoon, and School of Info-Communications Technology director Song Nay Hay. One winning entry was chosen in each of three age brackets: lower primary, upper primary, and lower secondary. Each winning school received a brick-built trophy, and each student involved in producing one of the winning entries received a LEGO Studios Steven Speilberg MovieMaker Set to take home. The three winning films were made available to view on the LEGO Studios website alongside the winners of the LEGO Studios Movie Making Contests.


Lower secondary category
Upper primary category
Lower primary category


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