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Nathan Wells is an American brickfilmer. He is known for brickfilms including the Alex and Derrick series, The Cleaners, Beast30 Years: The Story of the Minifigure, Driven, and Infinity Squared. He also produced and contributed stop-motion animation for the 2016 documentary Bricks in Motion[1] and ran the twelfth through fifteenth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contests, from 2015 to 2018. He is considered to have been an early major influence on pushing the quality of set design in brickfilming.


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Year Title Notes
2001 The Vikings
2002 Super-Brilliant Sheriff
2002 Jedi De-Fence Directed by Bethany Wells
2003? Technic Trouble
2003 A Matter of Life and Death
2003 Inside the Lab
2004 There Is No Spoon
2004 The Adventures of Captain Swagger Directed by Bethany Wells
2006 Material Possessions Ten Lines Contest entry
2006 Stoic Founding film of the Dictionary Series
2006 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Montage Clip
2006 pwnd Mac vs. PC parody
2006 Beast Fame, Infamy and Glory Contest second place winner
2006 The Phantom Of The Opera Montage Clip
2006 Spoilerz!
2006 Feel Great Co-production with Zach Macias
2006 Slapstick
2006 w00t!
2006 A Very Merry Christmas Special with Alex and Derrick and Alice!
2007 Powershot
2007 The Future is Calling Insanely Great Tees iPhone Ad Contest entry
2007 The Day Crashed Community project coordinated by Nathan Wells
2007 Driven Nadine and Charlie 2007 Music Video Competition special prize winner
2007 Infinity Squared Inventions, Discoveries and Extraordinary Achievements Contest entry
2007 Flashbacks Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 3 third place winner
2007 Unsound Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 4 first place winner
2007 Diatribe/Malapropos Co-Production with Zach Macias[2]
2008 e-Learning and You!
2008 30 Years: The Story of the Minifigure Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2013 Derricking Ball
2014 The Meek and the Bold Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 11 film
2014 Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later
2014 Birdie EASTER Contest 2014 third place winner
2014 Nyan Unikitty
2014 Blinders Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2014 first place winner
2016 Bricks in Motion: The Documentary Producer and stop-motion animator
2016 Gingerbread House Down
2017 Super Frenemies LEGO Batman Movie Brick Films contest entry
2018 The Cleaners Co-production with Zach Macias
2019 The Sentinel Co-production with Zach Macias and Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 16 first place winner
2020 Sunflower EASTER 2020 second place winner
2020 Quarantine Daze - Episode 1: "A Fistful of Toilet Paper" Associate Producer
2020 Quarantine Daze - Episode 2: "We Were Troopers" Associate Producer
Animator for "Robots on Parade" segment
2020 Quarantine Daze - Episode 3: "I Saw The Sasquatch" Associate Producer
Animator for "Beast Deleted Scenes" segment
2020 Quarantine Daze - Episode 4: "Stand-Up Comedy Night" Associate Producer
Animator for "Five Weeks Into Quarantine", "P O N G", and "Malloy" segments
2020 Quarantine Daze - Episode 5: "Social Distancing with Spider-Man!" Associate Producer
Animator for "Spider-Man On a Bike" segment
2020 Quarantine Daze - Episode 6: "The Diagnoses of Dr. Dakota" Associate Producer
Animator for "Project: Divinity", "Schaudenfreude", and "Night of the Living Dead Montage Clip" segments
2020 Epic Rap Battles of History: Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker Set Design
Directed by Forrest Whaley
Commissioned by ERB
2021 How 24 Different Types of People Would React to Being Stranded on a Desert Island Co-production with Zach Macias
Made for Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVIII
2021 C is for Cleaners Co-production with Zach Macias
2021 BAH RAM YOU - Sea of Thieves Official music video
Co-production with Zach Macias
2021 Drift Bricks in Motion Animation Challenge winner
2021 Rocket Around the Christmas Tree Commissioned by The LEGO Group via Bricks in Motion
2022 Lightswitch Bricks in Motion Animation Challenge winner
2023 In a Book Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2023 entry

Hiatus and return[]

In 2008, after releasing 30 Years: The Story of the Minifigure, Nathan left home for college and quietly stopped being involved in the brickfilms community. In 2013 Nathan returned[3] and eventually released Derricking Ball and The Meek and the Bold before releasing Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later, considered to be his "official return."[4][5]

Features in the media[]


Infinity Squared featured in the "cinema" on I-CAUGHT

Nathan Wells's work was featured in a 2007 ABC newsegment called I-CAUGHT. The segment featured several other brickfilmers including David Pagano, Joshua Leasure, and Billy Gribbin, and also featured the work of Jay Silver, Lewis Chen, Robinson Wood and others. Footage from Infinity Squared was featured extensively throughout the segment, and was used to demonstrate the concept of frames per second.[6]

Collaborations with Zach Macias[]

Over the years Nathan Wells and Zach Macias have worked together on many projects, including four direct collaborations: Feel Great, Diatribe/Malapropos, The Cleaners, and The Sentinel, and two community projects: The Day Crashed and Quarantine Daze. They have also provided numerous voices for each others films, including Infinity Squared, Unsound, To Strive for Fame, Arthur's Legacy, and A Christmas Caper.


Nathan Wells, Zach Macias and Philip Heinrich in the plastic

Nathan and Zach also worked together in relaunching and hosting the 2014 Bricks in Motion Awards, and worked with Philip Heinrich on the Bricks in Motion Documentary. All three of them appeared in the Bricks in Motion Documentary Kickstarter video, which marks the first time Nathan and Zach's sigfigs have ever spoken to each other (and the first time Nathan's sigfig has spoken at all).[7]

Collaboration with The LEGO Group[]

In early 2008 a representative from the LEGO Group contacted Nathan asking if he wanted to make a short film, which eventually led to 30 Years: The Story of the Minifigure. Nathan was paid $500 (which was mostly spent on LEGO sets that appear in the film) and sent a box of minifigure parts, which ended up being about 80-100 assembled minifigures (most of which are used in the minifigure pyramid near the end of the film). Nathan was given complete creative freedom, and called it "a great experience."[8]