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Nathan Mancini is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for Fulfillment and its sequel, Culmination.[2] A large portion of his filmography is considered to be missing.


Year Title Notes
2005? Drop Off X
2005? Two Guys and a Wrench X
2005 Star Wars: The Final Strike
2005 Surfin' Safari
2005 Bob
2005 The Stop Sign X
2005 A Christmas Surprise
2006 The Door X
2006 The Skateboard X
2006 Lucy Looks into a Wardrobe X
2006 Volleyball X
2006 Treasures of the Lost Island X
2006 The Night is Long... X
2006 El Restaurante
2006 Soccer X
2006 Into the Wardrobe X San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival Trailer Competition entry
2006 Swedish Coffee Teaser X
2006 Thanksgiving X
2006 New Years Revolutions X
2007 The Gift X
2007 The Case X
2007 He Rose E.A.S.T.E.R. Festival entry
2007 Grave Danger X E.A.S.T.E.R. Festival entry
2007 iPhone Ad X Insanely Great Tees iPhone Ad Contest entry
2007 Breakdown Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 3 entry
2007 Island Ice Cream Friendly's iScream Contest third week winner
2007 A World of Ice Cream Friendly's iScream Contest entry
2007 Pigeon Pizza Apple Insomnia Film Festival entry
2007 Thanksgiving 2
2007 The Shepherds' Side of the Story Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 4 entry
2008 Huckleberry Finn In four minutes
2008? Brickfilm Tutorial
2008 Cart
2008 Fulfillment
2008 Deflated
2008 Dinner Debate
2009 Culmination