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Nate Burr, typically known as "Blunty", is an Australian video creator. He started in brickfilming with films starring the characters Steve and Dave. This series began in 2002, pioneering the "dynamic duo" style in brickfilming, as well as greatly influencing the general landscape of brickfilming in the 2000s, being considered a key influence on the rise of more heavily dialogue-focused brickfilms. Burr was also known for the speed at which he could create brickfilms, as well as his often combative and "blunt" forum presence. He later became popular on YouTube during the early years of the site, and his brickfilm music video Circle Circle Dot Dot was featured on the website's front page, leading to it becoming the brickfilm with the most YouTube views for a number of years. His next brickfilm series, MeatSpace, was aired on Australian television.


Year Title Notes
2002 Mystery of the Ewok
2002 Mystery of the BoB
2002 Mystery of the Freaky Ass Day Where Everyone Was a Robot
2002 Star Wars: Last Strike BrickFest 2002 Star Wars Movie Trailer Competition entry
2002 The Worst Light Sabre Battle EVER Filmed
2002 The Game
2002 The Game part 2: The Doggie
2002 The Freak
2002 Uber-Freak
2002 Hairy-FREAK
2002 Natural Enemy
2002 Animation Class 2: Frame-rate
2002 Blood of the Wolf Horror Animation Contest entry
2002 Christmas with Bluntmation
2003 A Clone Blunt War[2]
2003 Emote Start of the Bluntmation 7/7 project
2003 Choices
2003 Fly
2003 Duel
2003 Samuri
2003 Invincible
2003 Guard
2003 Geek Out BricksWest 2003 Animation Festival Comedy Competition entry
2003 The White Ninja
2003 Wisdom from a Vending Machine Words of Wisdom Contest entry
2004 Repugnant Rapunzel parody
2004 Grumpy Monkey
2004 Hellephone
2004 Sai the Magic Word High Adventure Theatre Contest entry
2004 High Noon Created for Arvato Mobile[3]
2005 Death Carries a Big Stick
2005 Depressed Bruce
2005 All Hallows Steve
2005 See No Evil
2006 Batman? X
2006 Hear No Evil
2007 Circle Circle Dot Dot "Circle Circle Dot Dot" Make the Music Video Contest first place winner[4]
2007 MeatSpace Episode 1
2007 Far Away Commissioned by i! Records
2007 Website Promo for November-Reels[5]
2007 MeatSpace Episode 2
2007 MeatSpace Episode 3
2007 MeatSpace Episode 4: Halo vs Pokemon
2007 Emperor Pumpatine
2007 MeatSpace Episode 5: Caffienated Kevin
2007 MeatSpace Episode 6: Sony Wants to Eat Your Brains
2007 For the Birthday Boy!
2007 Don't Get Cheated! Commissioned by Sparhandy
2007 Gamer News! - MeatSpace Online - Dec 14th 2007
2007 Gamer News! - MeatSpace Online - Dec 24th 2007
2008 MeatSpace Episode 7: Vibrator Batteries for POP!
2008 Living in MeatSpace Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2008 MeatSpace Episode 8: Briefcase Conspiracy
2009 Build It Commissioned by Invitrogen
2009 LEGO Crims Stole My Car! Commissioned by Toyota Australia[6]
2011 MeatSpace Season 2 Episode 1: ...Then I Took an Arrow to the Knee!
2011 MeatSpace Season 2 Episode 2: Justin Bieber vs Avril Lavigne
2012 MeatSpace Season 2 Episode 3: Diablow 3 - Error 37
2012 Death of a FAndroid


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