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NNN News Flash is a 2007 comedy brickfilm by Dave Pickett.[1] It is the first film in the Nightly News at Nine series and is about news anchor Phil reporting on his missing briefcase, to the annoyance of co-anchor Sherry. It was re-uploaded in 2009 under the name NNN - Pilot Episode, later being renamed to NNN - Where's my briefcase?.[2] It is not included as part of the films that make up NNN Chapter 1 - New Beginnings,[3] and is considered to be a teaser for the series overall.[4]


The Nightly News at Nine interrupts scheduled programming so Phil can report that his briefcase has been kidnapped. Sherry interjects to contest that just because Phil cannot find it does not mean it has been kidnapped, but Phil insists that there is no other possibility as he (literally) tore their house apart looking for it. As Sherry gets angry that Phil demolished their house, Phil is given a letter from a TV crew member and finds that it is from the kidnapper. He mocks Sherry for being wrong all along, and they announce that later there will be updates on Phil's briefcase, along with weather from Zundar Silverspine and sports from Robert Vylan, who hides Phil's briefcase behind his back when he realizes he is on camera.[2]


  • Eric Benson as Phil Brickley
  • Stephanie Rivera as Sherry Tiles
  • Dave Pickett as Robert Vylan


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NNN News Flash (2007)

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