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Mystery of the Freaky Ass Day Where Everyone Was a Robot, or MOT-FAD-WE-WAR, is a 2002 comedy brickfilm by Nate Burr.[1] It is the third film in the Steve and Dave series and the final part of The Clocktower Trilogy, and follows Steve and Dave as they come into possession of a book that grants wishes.[2]


Dave attempts to argue that Star Trek's Captain Janeway could beat Captain Picard in a fight, but Steve is concerned that every time they argue, something strange soon happens. Dave tries to continue the conversation regardless but a crocodile arrives and drops a book in front of them. Steve insists that bad things will likely happen if they read from the book, but Dave attempts to read from it anyway. BoB appears in an effort to stop him, but is too late.

The spell Dave recites turns him into a robot monkey and BoB explains that the book grants wishes, so Steve seizes the opportunity to turn BoB into a giant potato. He then turns himself into a large robot and fights with robo-Dave, after which they turn themselves into robot-Batman and robot-Spiderman to see which hero would really win in a fight.[2]



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