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Mystery of the Ewok, also referred to as MOTE, is a 2002 comedy brickfilm by Nate Burr.[1] It is the introduction of Steve and Dave and follows their heated argument over whether Yoda or Darth Vader would win in a fight, before they have a strange encounter.[2] It was the first brickfilm released by Burr and became the first part of the influential Clocktower Trilogy.

A combination of a poorly-suited camera and Windows Movie Maker compression meant that the film was originally released in very low quality.[3] As a result of this, a "Special Edition" was released later in 2002[4] that featured better-preserved video, cleaning up of popping and hissing in the audio and improved timing of the lines and movements.[5]


Steve and Dave are standing in front of a clock tower and are in the middle of a debate over which Star Wars character would win in a fight: Yoda or Darth Vader. Dave argues that Darth Vader is much bigger than Yoda, but Steve believes that would work to Yoda's advantage. Steve takes umbrage at Dave referring to Yoda as a puppet and orders him to take it back, but Dave continues calling Yoda a puppet and Steve eventually grabs a pole and attacks Dave.

The pair brawl until a man runs up to them and breaks up the fight. When the man hears the reason they are fighting, he reminds them that Star Wars teaches people to live in peace and not to fight, but is interrupted by a voice saying "Warning: Holographic field generator will perform auto-shutdown in 3 seconds". The man's appearance transforms to reveal that he is actually an Ewok, and he runs away. Steve and Dave are left befuddled at having seen a fictional character using a fictional device in real life.[2]


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