Mystery of the BoB
BoB falls out of the sky onto Dave & Steve
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Released April 21, 2002
Running time
Language English
Part of the Steve and Dave series
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Mystery of the Ewok MOT-FAD-WE-WAR

Mystery of the BoB, or MOT BoB, is a 2002 comedy brickfilm by Nate Burr.[1] It is the second film in the Steve and Dave series and the second part of The Clocktower Trilogy, and is about Steve and Dave's encounter with a strange man who falls out of the sky.[2] It introduces the character of BoB, who would become a regular appearance in the series.

MOT BoB is considered to be highly influential on the dynamic duo brickfilm genre as it developed the character dynamic between Steve and Dave, and BoB was influential on later duo series' to have a weirder third character.

Plot Edit

Steve and Dave stand outside the clock tower, arguing over whether Batman or Spider-man would win in a fight. They suddenly hear a loud scream and a man falls out of the sky directly on top them. The man apologises and introduces himself as BoB (much to the amusement of Steve), explaining that he is a highly-evolved "reality-bender" from another dimension who has come to protect earth from a great evil. BoB then shows off his talking head in a jar, but Steve goes to make a phone call and BoB is soon taken away by men in white coats. The head in a jar is left behind with Steve and Dave.[2]

References Edit

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