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Mummy is a 2002 comedy music video brickfilm by Ben Brenninkmeyer.[1] It follows a mummy who scares people when he walks up to them.[2] It is set to the song "The Mummy" written by Rod McKuen and performed by Bubi & Bob in 1959.[3]

Mummy was chosen as part of "The Best Collection of SeNef" at the SeNef Film Festival in Seoul, South Korea.[4]



What happens when he walks up to somebody

In an egyptian art museum, a mummy emerges from a sarcophagus. He says that he is a mummy and that he scares people, demonstrating what happens when he walks up to somebody. Whenever the mummy tells a someone that he is a mummy, they scream and run away.

The mummy explains that he was born 1,959 years ago and that he doesn't try to scare people, but only came back to buy a copy of the single "Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)". He wishes there was somebody who wasn't afraid of him, and tries to demonstrate once again what happens when he walks up to somebody. He tells a man that he is a mummy, but the man is not bothered by this. The mummy becomes distressed and confused over the man not being afraid of him.[2]