Movie Magic Contest
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Start Date June 1, 2018
End Date September 3, 2018
Entries 11
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The Movie Magic Contest was a brickfilming competition hosted by Joseph Hayden on Bricks in Motion. It is the eighth official Bricks in Motion summer contest, following the Spirit of Adventure Contest in 2017, and the first hosted by Hayden, who had previously hosted the Contrast Contest in 2013 when there was no official Bricks in Motion Summer contest.

History Edit

Recently appointed administrator of Bricks in Motion Benjamin Ely conceived the theme of the contest, while hosting was handled by Joseph Hayden. Additionally, Seán Willis assisted in contacting the sponsors, Dragonframe and BrickStuff. The theme of the contest, inspired by novel filmmaking techniques of the early 20th century, was intended to encourage entrants to "Think outside the box, try new techniques, and let your imagination run wild!"[1] It was noted that the contest was not limited to effects, but focused on a broader range of potential techniques.

Judging and prizes Edit

The contest was judged by a panel consisting of Zach Macias, "Legoander" of Silent Frames, Benjamin Ely, and Joseph Hayden. Like the preceding Bricks in Motion Summer contests, no formal set of judging criteria was used. The Promising Director Prize, originally introduced by the Spirit of Adventure Contest, returned for the Movie Magic Contest.

Prizes were awarded to the top three placing entrants in a prize pool format. The three prizes available were a copy of Dragonframe 4 including Bluetooth controller, a Brickstuff Pico LED light board starter kit, and 21034 London and a five pack of Mayka brick tape. The prize for Promising Director was a copy of the book Special Effects: An Oral History and a Helping Hands tool. Each winner additionally received a digital copy of Bricks in Motion: The Documentary.


Full results
Place Film Name Director
1. Lifeboat Gregory Moore and Garry Moore
2. Ivan "Shawarma Studios"
3. Cut and Run William Osborne
4. SuperDog Joshua "Plastic Point Productions" Vennetti
5. Mister Classified: The Red Fox Joshua Nelson
6. Break "Raytistic"
7. Adrift "Tiny World Studios"
8. Space Race The Four Monkeys
9. The LEGO Guys Jack Waugh and Jake Waugh ("BrothersWaughStudios")
10. Too Long For Forgiveness Jonathan "Blandeer" Mangiapane
The Black Knight Berlin Waechter

The winner of the Promising Direcor prize was SuperDog by Joshua "Plastic Point Productions" Vennetti.[2]

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