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Mountain Manlet is a 2022 comedy brickfilm by James Morr. It is a non-minifig brickfilm that features LEGO Homemaker figures, and it follows a mother and son noticing a faraway man who, from their perspective, looks to be very small.[1] It was created for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2022, and won first place.[2] It was Morr's first THAC entry since A Shocking Secret for THAC X in 2012, and his second first-place winning THAC entry, after Sssssss. for THAC 7 in 2010.


A mother and son are outside having a picnic, when the son points out what he thinks to be a tiny man on a mountain. The mother explains that the hiker only looks small to them because he is far away, but the hiker leaps from the mountain and lands in between the two of them, revealing that he actually is a tiny manlet, and he begins shouting aggressively. Shocked, the mother bats the manlet away with a stick, and he is soon sucked up by a passing street sweeper. The mother proclaims the manlet to have been a nasty little man.[1]