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Moronic is a 2008 comedy brickfilm by Dustin Finstrom.[1] It follows two dim-witted men who purchase a motorcycle and accidentally run over a young boy.[2] It was originally envisioned as the first film of a dynamic duo series[3] but a follow-up was never produced.


Ralph and Vern are two men of low intelligence who share a house. One day, as Ralph uses the computer, Vern enters and tells him they must go to town to replace possessions Ralph has broken. Once outside, they are walking down a street when Ralph spots a motorcycle in a shop window. He immediately becomes infatuated with this bike and heads in to the store to admire it. A salesman spots this and tries to talk Ralph in to buying the bike. Vern reminds Ralph that he doesn't make enough money to be able to afford it, but Ralph steals money from Vern's pocket and agrees to purchase the bike.

After attaching training wheels, Ralph takes his new motorcycle for a test-drive around town. Vern is waiting for a pizza in a diner and spots Ralph out the window. He leaves the diner and asks to try out Ralph's bike, but Ralph doesn't let him. Vern then tries to wrestle the bike from him and it is sent driving off by itself, hitting a kid who is crossing the road. As a crowd gathers around the kid, a police officer arrives to the scene. Ralph feels that saying what actually happened will not be believable and will get them arrested, so Vern tells the policeman that they ran over the kid on purpose. They are immediately put in jail despite not understanding why and Vern begins digging a hole in the wall in an attempt to escape.

Suddenly, a commotion is heard outside and a vehicle crashes through the wall of the prison cell. It is revealed to be being driven by the salesman from the bike shop who has been attempting to track down Ralph, who gave him too much money.




Moronic was nominated for the Best Animation category in the 2008 Bricks in Motion Awards.[5]

References in other brickfilms[]

In the Christmas Special episode of Jake and the Lazy Guy, Lazy Guy argues with Finstrom over the phone and tries to convince him that Moronic was a good film.