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Monster in the Closet is a 2012 comedy horror brickfilm by James Morr. It is about a boy who is scared one night, thinking there is a monster in his closet.[1] It was the winner of the ReBrick Flick Halloween Competition.


A boy screams during the night, and his mom arrives to ask what's wrong. He thinks there is a monster in his closet, but his mom assures him there is not and that if he's ever scared, his teddy will keep him safe. She leaves, and the closet door then begins to move. A monster emerges, but the teddy produces a gun and shoots it.[1]


ReBrick Version[]

Monster in the Closet was created for the official LEGO ReBrick Flick Halloween Competition, though was initially disqualified for including a non-LEGO piece. Some footage was reshot, replacing a BrickArms pistol with an official LEGO one, and the new version was uploaded four days later on October 26. It was accepted into the contest, which it went on to win.[2]