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Money is a 2005 comedy brickfilm by Kate Fischer. It is about an impoverished Ralph and Rupert attempting to withdraw the last of their money from the bank but getting mistaken for bank robbers.[1] It is the fourth film in the Ralph and Rupert series and also stars characters from Fischer's film Stop! thief!.[2]


Rupert returns home to find that Ralph, having no concept of money, has spent five thousand dollars on a new computer. Rupert tells him they have no money left, but Ralph mentions that there is one hundred dollars in their bank account. Needing all the money they can get, they leave for the bank to withdraw this sum.

A group of thieves in the bank are discussing how to deposit stolen money without arousing suspicion as Ralph and Rupert approach. Ralph and Rupert enter and Ralph bluntly demands "Give me the money!", leading the woman behind the counter to believe he is a robber. She raises the alarm and the police quickly arrive, so the thieves use a device to teleport Ralph and Rupert along with themselves away. A policeman enters and fires wildly, hitting the woman behind the counter.

Ralph, Rupert and the thieves teleport to a lair filled with treasure. Rupert spots the disc that their friend Gordon used to bring back a spirit (see Hallowieners), and comes up with an idea. He asks the thieves if they want to play a game and arranges them into a circle with the disc in the middle. A spirit is summoned from the disc and the thieves run away in fright. Rupert reveals that he stole the teleportation device and teleports himself and Ralph back home, along with all of the thieves' treasure, ending their money worries. Ralph turns on the TV to a news report about a policeman being arrested for killing an old woman at a bank and realises that they did something really, really bad.[1]


  • Kate Fischer as Ralph, Rupert, Rick Summers, Butch, Gizmo, Evil Demon, Shinji, George, Vanessa, Pops
  • Marie Wardell as Bank Lady
  • Bobby McGlynn as Policeman


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