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Mirko Horstmann is a German brickfilmer. He is known for The Fisherman and his Wife, The Artist and Remake, three films which respectively won the jury prizes in three consecutive Steinerei festivals from 2006 to 2008. He is also known for Greedy Bricks, one of the winners of the 10 Brick Contest.[1] While he has not released a full brickfilm since 2009, he has remained an active member of the German brickfilming community and is currently the owner of the forum BrickBoard. He also organised Steinerei in 2013.[2]


Year Title Notes
2004 Greedy Bricks 10 Brick Contest third place winner
2006 The Fisherman and his Wife Steinerei 2006 Jury Prize and Audience Prize winner
2006 Star Trek: Dawn Community project co-ordinated by Mario Baumgartner[3]
2007 The Artist Steinerei 2007 Jury Prize winner
The TTC Contest first place winner
2008 Remake Steinerei 2008 Jury Prize winner
2009 Fünf Prozent Steinerei 2009 entry
2015 16 Cities - 17 Brickfilmers - One LEGO Set Community project co-ordinated by Dirk Boettcher