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Ministry - "Thieves" is a 1990's music video brickfilm by Jason Bardis. It is about a concert that is attacked by a giant killer robot.[1] It is stated as being from 1992, but it is also mentioned that it was filmed with a camera that Bardis got for Christmas in 1992 and was created in two weeks, so it seems likely that the film was actually finished in early 1993.[2] It was Bardis' first stop-motion film. It was made available online in 2000.[3]


Ministry plays a live show to a crowd of energetic spacemen. A giant robot on wheels enters, but nobody notices it. The robot picks up a spaceman from the back of the crowd and eats him. It then begins to advance through the crowd. The spacemen flee until the venue is empty. The band members see the robot and also flee, except for one who picks up two guns. He fires at the robot, but is shot back. The spacemen return with guns and all fire at the robot. One of them uses an axe to cut the belt connecting the robot's wheels. The robot reaches out and pulls off the heads off the spacemen. The band member finally gets back up and jams a pole in one of the robot's wheels, causing it to fall over.[1]