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Minilife Chronicles: The Student and The Master is a 2021 fantasy brickfilm by Chris Salaises.[1] It follows Abel, who has journeyed to find a wizard to learn magic from. The style of the film is heavily influenced by anime and manga; particularly Dragon Ball. It is the seventh film in the Minilife Chronicles series, which is a side-series of Minilife TV. It is currently the most recent Minilife Chronicles release.



  • Chris Salaises - Writer, Director, Editor, Visual effects, Animator, Sound editor, Art, Character design, voice actor
  • Dario Garcia - Director of photography, Lighting/camera technician
  • Abel Gutierrez - Voice actor
  • Ian Holmquist - Voice actor
  • Christian George - Voice actor


Year Competition Category Result
2021 Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Brickfilm of Festival by Single Animator Nominated
Best Story and Screenplay Nominated
Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Scenic Design Nominated
Best Animation Nominated
Best Visual Effects Won
Best Sound Design Nominated
BFG Member's Choice Nominated


Minilife Chronicles series
The Ninja (2019) · The Rose (2019) · The Mayor (2019) · The Armless Guy (2019) · The Vampire (2019) · The Program Coordinator (2019) · The Student and The Master (2021)