Mind Control
The chemistry professor argues with Professor Bruslekov over what can be seen
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Released July 27, 2009
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Mind Control is a 2009 comedy brickfilm by Leftfield Studios. It is based on a short story by Nathanael Hellerman of Leftfield, and it follows two scientists who disagree over what can be observed when an experiment is conducted, as well as a student who puts forth her own theory as to how they might have come to disagree.[1] It was an entry to the Space, Time and Reality Contest on Bricks in Motion, and came in sixth place.

Apart from the brief test film Rhapsody in Blue, Mind Control was the first brickfilm released by Leftfield Studios since 2006.[2]

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Award nominations Edit

Mind Control was nominated for three awards in the 2009 BiMAs. The nomination for Best Vocal Performace went to Billy Gribbin for his performance as Professor Bruslekov.

Year Competition Category Result
2009 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Vocal Performance Nominated
Best Ensemble Cast Nominated

References Edit

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