Military Tattoo at Brickingham Palace
The soldiers perform the tattoo with precision
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Directed by
Fredrik Christiansen
Performance art
Running time
  • 3:23 (Original)
  • 4:08 (Remastered)
Created for Classical Movie Contest

Military Tattoo at Brickingham Palace is a 2001 performance art brickfilm by Fredrik Christiansen. It depicts soldiers performing a choreographed military exercise (or 'tattoo') and was originally set to the march music Prelude Olympic by John Brakstad.[1][2] It was the winner of the Best Animation category in the Classical Movie Contest on and was also nominated for best film.[3]

Plot Edit

Thirteen soldiers march into the courtyard of Brickingham Palace. The leader signals for them to begin their performance and steps aside. They perform their tattoo, incorporating synchronised marching, gun posing and gun tricks. At the end of the exercise, the leader rejoins the troops for the final pose.

Remastered Version Edit

In 2006, Fredrik Christiansen produced a remastered version of the film. This version featured a newly animated introduction showing the soldiers playing trumpets and marching drums as well as a new, original score by Christiansen replacing the classical piece. It also added many more sounds effects, altered the timing of the movements and converted the film to 16:9 aspect ratio, among other cosmetic changes.[4]

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