Mike and Geoff
Mike and Geoff, from Out of Time
Mike and Geoff, from Out of Time
Created by
Chris Salt
  • Comedy
  • Slice of life


First release

Out of Time

January 29, 2003
Latest release

Words of Wisdom

September 17, 2003

Mike and Geoff is a series of brickfilms created by and starring Chris Salt. It follows the activities of Mike McMichael and Geoff Jeffries, as well as their peculiar flatmate, Rod Sterling. Though short-lived, the series was influential in the development of the dynamic duo brickfilm genre.

Main films[edit | edit source]

Out of Time (2003)[edit | edit source]

Mike and Geoff decide to go for a walk and have an encounter with a group of time-travellers. Scripts were written for two sequels and a teaser for a sequel was released, but no further Out of Time films were ever released.

Words of Wisdom (2003)[edit | edit source]

Mike spends some time creating a stop-motion film. An entry to the Words of Wisdom Contest.

Other releases and appearances[edit | edit source]

Out Of Time Trailer (2002)[edit | edit source]

A trailer that actually has little to no relation to Out of Time, featuring footage that was never intended for the film.[1]

Mike and Geoff in A Christmas Message (2002)[edit | edit source]

During the production of their upcoming film, Mike and Geoff deliver a Christmas greeting to the audience.

Out of Time Outtake #1 (2003)[edit | edit source]

A flubbed take of a line planned for Out of Time, with some original animation.[2]

The Chicken Dance (2003)[edit | edit source]

Mike does the chicken dance, and is joined by Rod Sterling. An entry to the Informal Chicken Dance Contest.

Out of Time 2: Primate Suspect preview (2004)[edit | edit source]

A teaser for the planned sequel to Out of Time, though only including footage reused from the original film.[3]

Who's on first (2013)[edit | edit source]

A brickfilm presented as having been created by Mike.[4]

Taco Trouble 2: The Trial (2021)[edit | edit source]

In this brickfilm by Seán Willis, Brian Willis, Andy Boyer, and Dave Lennie, Geoff is one of multiple brickfilm characters on a jury in a courtroom. Chris Salt voices another character in this film.

References[edit | edit source]

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