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Mike and Geoff is a series of brickfilms created by and starring Chris Salt. It follows the activities of Mike McMichael and Geoff Jeffries, as well as their peculiar flatmate, Rod Sterling. Though short-lived, the series was influential in the development of the dynamic duo brickfilm genre, with the film Out of Time in particular demonstrating that someone could take what had been laid down by the Steve and Dave series and add their own spin on it, and not be regarded as a mere copycat.[1]

Main films[]

Out of Time (2003)[]

Mike and Geoff decide to go for a walk and have an encounter with a group of time-travellers. Scripts were written for two sequels and a teaser for a sequel was released, but no further Out of Time films were ever released.

Words of Wisdom (2003)[]

Mike spends some time creating a stop-motion film. An entry to the Words of Wisdom Contest.

Other releases and appearances[]

Out Of Time Trailer (2002)[]

A trailer that actually has little to no relation to Out of Time, featuring footage that was never intended for the film.[2]

Mike and Geoff in A Christmas Message (2002)[]

During the production of their upcoming film, Mike and Geoff deliver a Christmas greeting to the audience.

Out of Time Outtake #1 (2003)[]

A flubbed take of a line planned for Out of Time, with some original animation.[3]

The Chicken Dance (2003)[]

Mike does the chicken dance, and is joined by Rod Sterling. An entry to the Informal Chicken Dance Contest.

Out of Time 2: Primate Suspect preview (2004)[]

A teaser for the planned sequel to Out of Time, though only including footage reused from the original film.[4]

Who's on first (2013)[]

A brickfilm presented as having been created by Mike.[5]

Taco Trouble 2: The Trial (2021)[]

In this brickfilm by Seán Willis, Brian Willis, Andy Boyer, and Dave Lennie, Geoff is one of multiple brickfilm characters on a jury in a courtroom. Chris Salt voices another character in this film.