Mike Crocker
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Also known as
  • TheOrigGearhead
  • Gearheadtheman
  • Everything LEGO Productions
Years active
2008 - Present
Nationality US flag American
Notable works

Mike Crocker is an American brickfilmer. He is known for films including LEGO Micro Police Chase!, Spooky Camping Trip!, and Zombie Car.[1]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2008 Action Animations: Shootout
2008 Brick Clips: Baggage claim
2008 Harbor Havoc prt. 1
2008 Harbor havoc prt. 2
2008 Brick Clips: Crappy Mailvan
2008 Brick Clips: Heavy Cotton Balls
2008 Brick Clips: Cargo Crash
2008 The LEGO game movie level 1
2008 What the BAD guys do on their day off.
2008 Action Animations: Post Problem
2008 Brick Clips: The Carwash
2008 Brick Clips: Baggage claim 2 return of the idiots!
2008 The Random Guys Episode 1
2008 Brick Clips: The Crash!
2008 Action Animations: Derailed
2008 Action Animations: A series of unfortunate crashes
2009 Action Animations: Shootout 2 part 1
2009 Shootout 2 part 2
2009 Gearhead's New Camera
2009 Brick clips- Enjoy your drink
2009 Brick Clips: GongoXG Turbo
2009 Action Animations: Chase for the Case
2009 Aftermath
2009 Brick Clips: The Construction Site Unfinished
2009 Bafran Test
2010 Brick Clips: Busted Light
2010 Action Animations- Car chase contest
2010 Action Animations- Race2Disgrace
2010 The Random Guys Episode 2
2010 Brick Clips- They Sound Alike
2010 Pathetic Shroom V2 Commercial
2010 Action Animations- On the Run
2010 Action Animations: Tremor
2011 Sum 41- "In Too Deep" LEGO version!
2011 Action Animations- The Gunman
2011 Brick Clips: The Computer Problem
2011 LEGO Car Crash Contest gearheadtheman Entry to a contest hosted by "leokimvideo"
2011 Brick Clips: The Rocket Entry to a contest hosted by "leokimvideo"
2011 Action Animations: Streets and Alleys
2011 Action Animations: The Red Specimen
2012 Shootout 3
2012 Time for Bed
2012 TheOrigGearhead Intro
2012 LEGO Ambush
2012 Arriving Early is Awkward
2012 LEGO The Speeder
2013 Bomb the Base part 1
2013 Lying is Good
2013 We've All Been Here
2013 LEGO Mustard Incident
2013 The LEGO Carwash
2013 LEGO Pink Slip Street Race
2014 LEGO "Keep Off"
2014 Asking My Girlfriend to Prom With a LEGO Video
2014 LEGO Rig Race
2014 Alone
2014 The LEGO Car Dealer
2015 Zombie Car
2016 LEGO Fight to the Death!
2017 LEGO Pizza Van Fire Rescue!
2017 (not) Bank Robbery
2017 Spooky Camping Trip!
2018 LEGO Home Theater Stop Motion Build Rebrick Build and Rebuild entry
2018 Car Robbery Fail!
2018 The New Guy
2018 LEGO Micro Police Chase!
2018 Morning Commute
2018 LEGO Mine Escape
2019 The Tow Truck
2019 Zombie Delivery
2019 Hot Dog Hero

References Edit

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