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Michelangelo & Lincoln: History Cops is a 2014 comedy brickfilm produced by Starburns Industries,[1] directed by Duke Johnson. It is presented as if a 1970s trailer for a buddy cop film about time travelers Michelangelo and Abraham Lincoln being teamed up by the police force they are working for.[2][3] It was commissioned by Warner Bros. to promote the Blu-ray and DVD releases of The LEGO Movie, and it is also included as a bonus feature on those releases. Unlike The LEGO Movie, it is created in stop-motion; not CG animation.


Known credits[]

  • Duke Johnson - Director[4]
  • James A. Fino - Executive producer
  • Joe Passarelli - Director of photography
  • Garret Elkins - Editor
  • Gilbert 'JT' Juarez - Visual effects supervisor
  • Will Forte as Abraham Lincoln