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Michael Inglis is an Scottish brickfilmer. He is best known for creating brickfilms based on Star Wars, such as the Stories of The New Republic series including the half-hour Star Wars: Episode III - The Last Stand, and is also known for brickfilms based on videos games, including Let's Play LEGO Minecraft, LEGO Portal, and LEGO Zelda.[1] He cites the brickfilms Star Wars: A perilous mission and LEGO NINJA: The Adventures of LEGO Ninja as being the biggest influences on his own work.[2]


Year Title Notes
200? Jedi Fight
200? Grievous vs. Obi Wan
200? LEGO Fight Club
200? Back to the Future
200? Top Gear
200? Star Trekking
2007 Star Wars: Episode I - The Lost Jedi
2007 The Lost Jedi II: The Final Fight
2007 LEGO Star Wars Battlefront Remastered version
2007 Jabba's Hunger
2007 LEGO Resistance: Fall of Man
2007 Star Wars: Episode 4 Alternate Ending
2007 LEGO Zelda
2008 LEGO: Gorilla Drummer Cadbury Advert[3]
2008 LEGO Batman: The Dark Knight Trailer
2008 Star Wars Gangsta Rap
2008 Joan's Birthday
2008 Star Wars: Episode II - The Dark Assassin
2008 LEGO Pac-Man: The Movie
2008 LEGO Portal
2008 101 Uses for a LEGO Stud #73 - A Katamari
2009 Holes in Space
2009 Katamari Blockacy
2009 Star Wars: Episode III - The Last Stand
2011 Let's Play LEGO Minecraft
2011 Simulation.exe
2012 Making My Mark