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Metamorphosis is a 2010 brickfilm by Dave Pickett.[1] It depicts basic LEGO bricks shapeshifting between different forms in a white expanse. Each individual in-between frame utilizes a separate brick-built construction, and the film only uses the colors red, yellow, black, and white, so that the final form can be the LEGO logo.[2]

The film was initially conceived for the Avant-Garde Contest on Bricks in Motion, but it was primarily realized for the LEGO category in the MOFILM Cannes Lions 2010 Make An Ad Video Contest, in which it was one of five runner-up prize winners.[3] It was also entered into the Avant-Garde Contest, and placed eighth. It was also featured on The Brothers Brick. Influences on the film included animated films by Georges Schwizgebel, LEGO brick sculptures by Nathan Sawaya, and the brickfilm Play Nice by Garrett Barati.[4]

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