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Men O' War is a 2006 action comedy brickfilm by Isaac Botkin. It follows the story of a navy ship that has to fight a pirate ship in order to gain access to fresh water.[1]


After its supplies were damaged in a storm, the HMS Gallant is desperate for fresh water. The cabin boy, up in the crow's nest, spots an island. As the ship approaches the island, the bosun spots fresh water on the island, but the captain also spots a skull-shaped rock on the island. The captain suspects pirates, and decides to sail around the island to surprise the much-larger pirate ship anchored on the coast.

The HMS Gallant surprises the pirate ship and fires all cannons. The pirate ship turns to port and the ships engage in combat. The pirate ship outguns the Gallant, but the Gallant moves in close and marines swing in from the rigging to board the pirate ship. As the marines overwhelm the pirates, the cabin boy swings aboard the pirate ship and duels with the pirate captain. The cabin boy eventually knocks the pirate captain's cutlass away, and the pirate captain surrenders.

With their water refilled, the pirates captured, and the pirate's treasure taken, the HMS Gallant continues on its journey, but not before blowing a hole in the skull-shaped rock.[1]


  • Matthew Botkin as Captain, Bosun, Red Beard
  • Lucas Botkin as Cabin Boy
  • Jim Zes as Helmsman
  • Ben Botkin as Sailors
  • David Botkin as Pirates
  • Isaac Botkin as Marines
  • Noah Botkin as Other Voices


  • Noah Botkin - Shipbuilder
  • Luke Botkin - Shipbuilder
  • Ben Botkin - Shipbuilder, Music
  • N. C. Wyeth - Conceptual Art
  • Howard Pyle - Conceptual Art
  • Isaac Botkin - Animation
  • David Botkin - Sound Effects
  • Anna Sofia Botkin - Music
  • Elizabeth Botkin - Music
  • The Garritan Philharmonic - Music

Award Nominations[]

Men O'War was nominated for Best Visual Elements in the 2006 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts.[2]

Year Competition Category Result
2006 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Best Visual Elements Nominated