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Memory Lane is a 2007 action drama brickfilm by Matt Gillan. It is about a man who sets out to settle an ongoing feud with another man.[1] Despite being the only released version, it is referred to as a director's cut, and it does not include all the footage that was shot for it. It was originally planned to be a longer film but Gillan was not pleased with the direction it was going in and wanted to get it finished, and so decided to create a workable film out of what he had created.[2]


At night, a man in sunglasses phones another man and requests to meet him in an hour. The man in sunglasses walks through a park, and he has a flashback to seeing his wife die at the hands of the man he called. Soon after, the two men locate each other, and a shootout begins.

The victorious man in sunglasses heads to a local bar. He has a flashback to when he was with his wife and saw the other man looking for him so as to avenge his son, whom the man in sunglasses killed. The man in sunglasses enters the bar and orders whatever the man next to him is drinking. The man next to him turns out to be a friend of the man who was killed earlier, and he was asked to kill the man in sunglasses if the now dead man was unsuccessful. He attacks the man in sunglasses and a fight breaks out, until the man in sunglasses is knocked out.[1]



Year Competition Category Result
2007 Brick Award for Film Arts Best Cinematography Nominated