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Melodramedy is a 2006 black and white drama comedy brickfilm by Robinson Wood. It follows a many trapped in a dark space as he records his thoughts on a cassette tape recorder.[1] Melodramedy was an entry into the second Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and received third place in Judge's Choice, and first place in Entrant's Choice, though it was disqualified from Entrant's Choice because Robinson Wood neglected to submit a ballot of his own.[2]


A man in a dark room finds a recorder and begins recording his thoughts. With no food, no water and no bathroom, the man begins to despair. His thoughts become increasingly melodramatic, until he finally proclaims: "I'm at the end of my wits.

In another bright and colorful room, another man yells toward a closet door: "Hey, that's getting on my nerves!"[2]