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Megaphone is a 2010 music video brickfilm by Harry Bossert.[1][2] It is a music video to the song "Megaphone" by Parry Gripp, and follows an organizer of a film festival turning away would-be attendees, using his super-loud megaphone.[3]

Festival information[]

The song "Megaphone" was written by Parry Gripp to poke fun at an experience he had at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF), and contains specific local references.[4] This connection went over the head of Bossert when he initially created the brickfilm.

Upon releasing the film, Bossert tweeted it to Parry Gripp,[5] who responded enthusiastically.[6] Gripp messaged Bossert, stating that he would do what he could to make sure the film gets shown at the SBIFF. Meanwhile, the executive director of the festival, Roger Durling, found the video himself, and wished to do something with it. Megaphone became the official trailer for the 2011 SBIFF, and was shown before each of the 400+ films screened at the festival. Bossert and his parents were flown out to California to attend the festival and witness the screening. While in California, Bossert met up with fellow brickfilmer, Sean Willets.[7] The success of Megaphone was mentioned in media articles by the likes of local Santa Barbara press, IndieWire,, and the BBC.

Megaphone was also included in the 2011 National Film Festival for Talented Youth, in Seattle.[8][9] It was also on the shortlist for the cancelled 2010 Bricks in Motion Awards.[10]