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Meet the BeatLess! is a 2012 comedy brickfilm by Leftfield Studios. It follows a parody of The Beatles, The BeatLess, as they attempt to acquire their first ever gig, in order to win a 25-cents bet with the nefarious instrument store owner.[1] The film was preceded by two stand-alone preview films featuring The BeatLess, which can be seen here and here.[2][3] Meet the BeatLess! is currently the final brickfilm released by Leftfield Studios, though Jon Hellerman began releasing brickfilms again in 2022 under the name ShortStop Animation.



  • Billy Gribbin as John, Disgruntled fan, Stadium worker 1, JFK, Captain Dirk Smiley
  • Samuel Hellerman as Paul
  • Pete as George, Jed
  • Jonathan Hellerman as Bingo
  • Matthew Bowman as Bill Spectacle, Paul's grandfather, PA announcer
  • Daniel Hellerman as Stadium worker 2
  • Lucy as Elven Queen


  • Jonathan Hellerman - Director, Screenplay, Set construction, Animator
  • Nathanael Hellerman - Screenplay, Editor
  • Benjamin Hellerman - Set construction
  • Mary - Set construction
  • "Rock'n'Roll Invasion" by The Metal Heartstrings

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