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The Mediocre Hour series is a series of brickfilms created by and starring Lewis Chen. The series is presented in a mock-vlog style, with the main character, Pete, speaking to the camera about whatever he is up to. He is also often interrupted by his brother, Lenny.[1]

The series ran for four installments between September 2004 and October 2004, though Chen had planned at least two further films and had named them as Episode 4: Live at the Spiderman 3 Premiere and Episode 5: Do-it-Yourself Manual(ly).[2] In 2011, all four films were re-released with a new edit to upscale them to 720p, remove copyrighted music and reduce the length of the original titles and credits.[3] in 2015, Pete and Lenny returned in a new series, PeteFails.

Films Edit

Episode 1 - High Speed my Butt! (2004) Edit

Pete tries to upload a brickfilm to the internet using a 56k modem, and tries to amuse himself during the wait.

Episode 2 - Stop-Mo, Slo-Mo (2004) Edit

Pete attempts to teach his viewers about stop-motion animation, which does not go well.

Episode 3 - Missionaries at the Door (2004) Edit

Pete begins recording a review of the film The Cube, but is interrupted by the doorbell.

Additional cast:

  • Marc "White Guy on a Stick" H. as Jedi #1
  • Jonathan Schlaepfer as Jedi #2 and Sith #1
  • "Lego Guy" as Sith #2

Mediocre Hour: Horror Special (2004) Edit

On Halloween, Pete sets up a camera and fills a decorative R2-D2 unit up with candy before putting it at the door to see if anyone will be spooked by it or look inside it for candy.

Additional cast:

  • Doug Vandegrift as Bloopers guy
  • "da brickster" as King Arthur's horseman
  • "educated_fool2007" as Space Police guy
  • Gareth "Gary13" Branscombe as Insectoid guy
  • "Lego Guy" as Agent Smith guy, Clonetrooper guy
  • Day Clancy as Pirate guy
  • Robert Frost as Hillbilly
  • Jonathan Schlaepfer as Futuristic pilot gal, Princess gal
  • "Smiling Minifig" as French Navy guy
  • Marc "White Guy on a Stick" H. as King Arthur

PeteFails films Edit

In 2015, Chen revived the characters Pete and Lenny for a new series of shorts called PeteFails. This series is animated in CG, rather than stop-motion, and is less dialogue-driven.

Pete tries to ride around on a "hoverboard" (a self-balancing two-wheeled board), ending in disaster.[4]

Pete tries to say hello to a woman in an elevator.[5]

Other films featuring Mediocre Hour characters Edit

Hallowieners (2004) Edit

In this brickfilm by Day Clancy, Pete makes a cameo appearance at a costume party and tries to record a vlog.[6]

Sleepless (2005) Edit

A micro-scale brickfilm is revealed to be a scenario created by Lenny.[7]

Iced Bucket (2014) Edit

Pete participates in the ALS ice bucket challenge while Lenny films.

Oh no! A Patreon announcement. Run for your lives~! (2015) Edit

Pete and Lenny assist in advertising Lewis Chen's Patreon.[8]

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