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Medieval Times is a 1991 historical comedy brickfilm by Andy Boyer and Dave Lennie. It chronicles the life of a knight in medieval times.[1] It was made as a class project for Boyer, and received an A.[2]


Squire Geoffrey is on his way to the king's castle to be made a knight. He provides an explanation on how one becomes a knight, an arduous process which takes years. He arrives at the castle and prepares for the knighthood ceremony. The next day, he goes out and is presented with a shield and sword before being knighted by the king. Geoffrey next undergoes a test of skill and endurance. In full armor, he leaps onto his horse and jousts a practice target. He then takes place in sham fighting, before going to a feast honoring the new young knights.

To prove his worth and win glory, Geoffrey heads to a tournament, accompanied by his squire Mario and Sir Thomas. Geoffrey participates in jousting, and defeats his first opponent. He then competes against Sir Thomas for the favor of Lady Savannah, and he is successful in this duel.[1]


  • Andy Boyer - Producer, Writer, Director, Animator
  • Dave Lennie - Producer, Voice actor, Editor


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