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Meatloaf is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by James Morr. It is about the grim reaper arriving to kill Mr. Tater, much to Kevin and Mr. Tater's indifference.[1] It is the seventh film in the Kevin and Mr. Tater series and the first installment of The Dinner Trilogy.[2]


The grim reaper comes to Mr. Tater's house to reap his soul, but Mr. Tater does not realise who he is. Kevin enters and sees the grim reaper, but is more concerned about getting his DVD of Battlefield Earth back. The grim reaper decides he will kill both of them, but Kevin takes out a gun and shoots him. After flushing the body down the toilet, the duo realise that there can be no more death and that they have an eternity to do good for mankind. 2000 years later, they sit watching television and Mr. Tater wonders when they will start helping mankind.[1]




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